CCSO Under Reorganization

Sheriff Prendergast restructures CCSO ( From Public Information Office)

On June 22, Citrus County Sheriff Mike Prendergast introduced the re-structuring of the Sheriff’s Office, which took effect immediately.

“I have evaluated what’s best for the community we serve and how best to keep our officers safe,” said Sheriff Prendergast. “For me, every decision I make must be made carefully and methodically to ensure we accomplish our mission.”

The Sheriff’s Office will no longer have an undersheriff. Instead, the agency will have three bureaus, the Bureau of Law Enforcement Operations, the Bureau of Support Operations – and the Bureau of Public Safety, which will exist until Oct. 1st, when this department will transition to the direction of the Citrus County Commission.

The two bureaus will each be led by a Major, a traditional rank designation found among many sister agencies across the state. Major Danny Linhart will oversee the Bureau of Law Enforcement Operations, and Major Elena Vitt will oversee the Bureau of Support Operations.†All law enforcement functions will report to Major Linhart, while all support functions will report to Major Vitt.

Chief Jim Goodworth will continue to oversee the Bureau of Public Safety until the Division of Fire Rescue returns to the direction of Citrus County on Oct. 1, 2017. At that time, Emergency Management will fall under the Bureau of Support Services, headed by Major Vitt; and Education and Professional Standards will transition to the Bureau of Law Enforcement, headed by Major Linhart.

Major Linhart joined the Sheriff’s Office in 1993, originally as a corrections officer.†He held the positions of deputy sheriff, investigator, patrol sergeant, crimes against children sergeant and major crimes sergeant prior to being promoted to Lieutenant of Major Crimes and Forensics in 2009.†He was promoted to Captain of the West Patrol District in 2012 and became Captain of the Criminal Investigations Division in February 2012. Maj. Linhart worked in this capacity until his promotion to Major on June 22, to oversee the Bureau of Law Enforcement Operations. Major Linhart has a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia Southern University in Criminal Justice Administration.†He is also a graduate of the highly acclaimed Southern Police Institute.

“Major Linhart brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role,” said Sheriff Prendergast. “He is well known in the community and highly respected by his peers. He is very deserving of this position and will give it his all.”

Major Vitt began her career with the Sheriff’s Office in 1987 in the Emergency Operations Center.†She began as a communications officer, but throughout the years, served in emergency management, judicial services, training, patrol and human resources. Major Vitt also oversees the Sheriff’s Office Posse. Since 2014, she served as the Division Commander of Human Resource, until her promotion on June 22 as Major of the Bureau of Support Operations. Major Vitt holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Florida Gulf Coast University and has also earned a Certified Public Manager certificate from Florida State University.

“Major Vitt is a strong asset to this agency, and…will bring a wealth of knowledge to her new position, said Sheriff Prendergast. “This community is very blessed to have such experienced leadership, ready and willing to serve at the Sheriff’s Office.”

Also on June 22, Lt. Ryan Glaze was promoted to Captain of East District Patrol.

“We have a great team in place and are honed in on our mission – keeping the citizens of Citrus County safe,” Sheriff Prendergast concluded.

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