Caretaker charged with battering elderly man

As the result of an investigation into the possible long term abuse of an elderly person, the person’s caretaker, 62 year-old Amy Leora Adams of Inverness, was arrested by the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, July 2, charged with domestic battery and aggravated abuse of an elderly or disabled adult (no bond).

The report stated that the victim, who suffers from dementia and Parkinson’s disease, had “severe bruising…throughout his body,” and appeared to be aware of what was going on. The report also stated, that when Ms. Adams was in the room, the elderly victim would not respond to questions, but when she left the room, the victim told deputies that he was being abused on a daily basis.

When one of the deputies first spoke with Ms. Adams, the report stated, she made several statements that concerned her. One statement was that she needed to punish the elderly man for being defiant, and the other statement was, “I feel like I could murder him.”

In an interview at her home, Ms. Adams told deputies that she was the primary caretaker for the victim, who from getting progressively worse due to the Parkinson’s disease and dementia, that he had the ability to walk and talk, but in the previous week he’d refused to do either. She said that the victim was in the end stages of dementia and had been given only months to live. Ms. Adams attributed the bruising on the victim’s body to falling during the previous week. According to the arrest report, “She stated that he (the victim) had gone as far as throwing himself on the floor to create the bruises.” Adams told deputies that the marks on the victim’s lower legs came from his dogs scratching him.

Upon further questioning, Ms. Adams explained the comments that had especially concerned the deputies. She said, as the victim sometimes does not do what she tells him to do, so she has to make him. An example Ms. Adams gave deputies was that she wanted the elderly man to help her with the laundry, but when he didn’t want to help, she made him stand next to her in the laundry room. When deputies questioned Adams as to why she made the elderly man stand up when he’d been falling and could have remained safely seated, Ms. Adams replied that it was good for him, the report stated. During the interview, Ms. Adams stated that she was joking when she told the deputy that she sometimes felt as though she could kill the victim. She also denied having abused the victim.

The elderly victim was transported to Citrus Memorial Hospital in Inverness. The report stated that he was soft spoken and did not show signs of dementia, but did show signs of Parkinson’s disease, that he appeared timid and somewhat afraid, and at one point he whispered, “Please don’t just treat me like another Parkinson’s patient.” He told deputies that Ms. Adams had hit him with various objects and had sometimes grabbed him by his waist and thrown him onto the floor, and grabbed him by his arms or legs and dragged him across the carpet. He said that one of Ms. Adams’ favorite punishments was to drag him by his legs or ankles and force him into the shower under cold running water. The victim also stated, that in order to get him to open his mouth to take medication, Ms. Adams placed her hand over his nose.

The report stated that the elderly man had numerous bruises, in verying stages of healing, to his arms, legs, torso, cheeks and ears and multiple wounds to his front lower legs and knees that appeared to be a burn or where his skin had rubbed off, which was consistent with being dragged across the carpeted floor. The victim could not explain what had caused the open wounds to the top of his head, right shoulder and neck, that appeared to be more of a burn-type wound than a bruise, the report stated.

The victim told deputies that he could walk on his own, and he had not just fallen, the report stated. He told deputies that Ms. Adams had been hitting him for a long time, and he needed help to get away from her.


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