Inglis woman, angry, accused of setting fire to occupied home

An Inglis woman was arrested during the early morning hours of Sunday, July 16, after allegedly setting fire to her home. According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, the events were pieced together through interviews with 59 year-old Novanda McCain, of Inglis, who was accused of starting the fire, and two witnesses.

At approximately 2:33 am, deputies arrived at the location of the fire, 11240 N. Northwood Dr., Lot 61. A witness stated that he and Ms. McCain had gone to Shipwreck Lounge for drinks and had gotten into an argument because he’d given his phone number to a woman. He said that Ms. McCain left the bar and walked home.

The witness stated that he arrived at the residence a short time before Ms. McCain did, and they continued to argue. He said he was cooking hamburgers, and Ms. McCain went to the back bedroom. The witness told deputies that he looked toward the rear of the residence and saw McCain light the curtains on fire with a match. He said he ran into the room, pushed McCain away, and put out the fire with his hands. He said he then went back into the kitchen, and Ms. McCain stayed behind in the bedroom. He said he again looked down the hallway and saw that the room was engulfed in flames, that he grabbed a rug and used it to put out the fire. He said he grabbed a pitcher and filled it with water, numerous times, to extinguish the fire.

A neighbor also had contact with Ms. McCain and the male witness, the report stated. She said that the man woke her up and told her that Ms. McCain was trying to burn down the house. The neighbor told deputies, that as they arrived at Ms. McCain’s residence, Ms. McCain was walking up the street, and she asked McCain why she would burn down her house. She said Ms. McCain told her she’d done it because the man was stupid, and she told Ms. McCain that no man was worth dying for and asked her if she knew how quickly mobile homes burn down.

Ms. McCain corroborated many of the details the male witness had given deputies, that they’d gone to the bar and argued because the man and a woman had exchanged phone numbers, that she walked home because she was angry, and she was still angry when she arrived at her house. Ms. McCain told a deputy that she had tried to put the fire out. When the deputy told Ms McCain that she could have killed the man, she stated she didn’t care, according to the report.

Many of the details in the interviews with the witnesses and Ms. McCain had been redacted from the report.

A fire marshall had not yet started an investigation into the fire at the time of Ms. McCain’s arrest. Ms. McCain was charged with felony arson of a structure believed to be occupied. Her bond was set at $10,000.

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