AMVETS Veterans House Dedication

The Florida Veterans Communities dedicated AMVETS house to the first of their major sponsors, the AMVETS (American Veterans) Department of Florida and its subordinate organizations. Florida AMVETS through the AMVETS Service Foundation has provided funds, labor and materials in excess of $12,000.00 to assist our efforts to prepare 22 units of the Ocala Veterans Community for use as affordable, supportive housing for veterans. Their generous and timely support deserves recognition and this is why we are dedicating this building to them. The Florida Veterans Communities is a 501c3 all volunteer organization registered in Florida with a mission of providing “Housing, Help and Hope for Heroes”. The housing helps veterans to reestablish their lives.

When a veteran applies for a job they need an honest address or they maybe turned away. They also need a place to prepare for interviews and begin each day, living in the woods doesn’t work. The housing first is a best practice solution to helping veterans reestablish their lives with a success rate of 80%. The veterans are people who are transitioning to a better life. One veteran in the housing is now going to college, a female veteran and her family were moved out of a dangerous drug area into the housing wants to get back into nursing, a senior veteran in the housing is using his skills to paint other units to get them ready for occupancy and another is now can use his skills as an audiological technician to help others. These people simply needed a fresh start in life. John Kittler, President of Florida Veterans Communities stated this not a hand out, its a hand up. Each person going into the housing is a savings to the communities of $30,000.

Ocala Mayor Guinn and Councilman Jim Helty indicated the housing helps reduce the crime rate and turns them into productive members of the community. The renovation of these units has reduced the blight and crime in the area. John Kittler, indicated the whole project was started by Mona Doss, a veteran and AMVETS member who made the initial purchase and sadly could not be with us today.

Pictured left to right John Kittler, President of Florida Veterans Communities and chair of AMVETS Florida Homeless Veterans Task Force, Mac Bevans, Commander, AMVETS Post 10, Jerry Webb, AMVETS Dept Homeless Veterans Task Force member and AMVETS Post 89 past Commander, Jim Helty, Ocala Councilman, Robert Smith Chaplin AMVETS Post 10 and Commander VFW post 4493, Kent Guinn, Mayor City of Ocala, David Koerner, Dept Homeless Veterans Task Force and Commander of AMVETS Post 99, Floyd Blodgett, AMVETS Dept Public Relations Officer and AMVETS District IX 1st Vice Commander, Bob Woodrow, 2nd Vice Commander AMVETS post 99, A. J. John Vice President of AMVETS Florida Service Foundation and Past Department Commander, Terry Corson, Commander AMVETS Florida Department and Angela McCants, Poinciana Heights Task Force. Missing from the picture Mike Yates, AMVETS post IX District Commander and Mona Doss AMVETS post 99.

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